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The most common cause of bath drain leaks

A leak in your business or your own home can be a major disaster waiting to happen. Of course it’s best to call a reputable leak detection company like ADI, but it is no surprise that some of you will be wondering exactly why leaks are caused anyway.

Very common causes of bath drain leaks include such occurrences as the plumbers putty under the drain seal becoming too old. Naturally, this will lead to loosening of the drain seal which can result in a gas leak. Usually when you actually notice a bath leak yourself, though, it’s already in desperate need of repair because you won’t notice a minor leak since most of the plumbing is hidden. This is why you should get regular checkups from ADI on a yearly basis so they can detect any and all possible leaks for you. The chances are they will be able to fix leaks that you never even noticed!

Bath drain leaks are one of the most difficult types of drain leaks to detect, but with ADI’s central heating leak detection fully trained and qualified staff you can be sure that the problem is found and fixed before any major damage can occur to your home. Remember, we don’t just detect leaks, we fix leaks too.
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