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The ADI Way of Gas Leak Detection

Gas is one of the most common substances people use. Without gas some of our day-to-day chores will remain still. However, gas and danger go hand in hand. Wherever gas is utilized, gas leak happen and tend to become disastrous when undetected. That is why ADI stresses the importance of gas leak detection and performs professional service to its customers.

We all know the necessity of having pipelines to transport gas and other fluids. Typically they are capable of serving us for 25 years. But due to the pressure and demand, they often tend to leak. This leakage becomes extremely dangerous and thorough gas leak detection is very important.

With the help of ADI’s professional service, you can now relax and live tension free. Our highly qualified team of engineers will conduct gas leak detection using various efficient equipment. Once you avail our service, our staff will thoroughly examine the situation. The flow of natural gas will be stopped and instead, hydrogen, a non-explosive gas, will be filled in. This will help us detect the central heating leak effectively.

If you would like us to help you, call us free on 08007313843. We’ll make sure your gas lines stay leak-free.

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