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Water Leak Detection Christchurch – Gas & Central Heating Leaks Detected & Repaired

ADI don’t need to dig or drill to find the source of your leak

ADI Leak Detection provide non-invasive leak detection for towns across Dorset, including Christchurch, employing only the very best in leak detection technology such as:

  • Snake Cameras
  • Moisture Detectors
  • Acoustic Leak Detectors
  • Nitrogen Hydrogen Tracing Systems
  • Pipe Tracing Equipment
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras

We know how much you value your home or business property so we use a wide range of equipment which allows us to find the leak on your property without having to dig or drill holes. Our equipment can listen for leaks deep underground or even see through walls to find the source of the leak there. And we do all of this whilst minimizing the disruption to your family and still offering you great value for money in relation to the high quality of service you receive from us.

ADI have a very flexible approach to the types of projects we can take on such as:

  • Commercial and Industrial Leak Detection
  • Residential And Domestic Leak Detection
  • Insurance Based Work

ADI Leak Detection have an ongoing commitment to providing an exceptional level of customer service and satisfaction and our staff are thoroughly trained to provide you with that and our ability to work on any of these situations:

ADI can help with your leak problem if you’re living in Christchurch or any of these areas:

  • Bransgore
  • Burton
  • Godwinscroft
  • Neacroft
  • Sopley
  • Throop
  • Winkton

ADI can help you find the source of your leak issue wherever you’re situated in the United Kingdom.

By calling ADI now on 08007313843 you’re taking the first step in eliminating that leak problem for good.