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Unless You Enjoy Wasting Money You Can’t Afford Then You Need To Have That Underground Water Leak Traced And Repaired

Our almost 20 years of experience in the leak detection industry in the UK, with business and private customers in Durham and elsewhere, means we have the experience of dealing with any kind of underground or central heating water leak you can think of. In our time we’ve seen the financial ruin and personal heartache that a serious water leak can have on any property.

There are a whole host of structural and health problems an underground water leak can cause like:

  • Much larger metered water bills for water you’ve never even used
  • The appearance and spread of moulds and fungus which can cause a wide variety of health problems, especially for asthmatics
  • The decay caused by dampness will attract insects and vermin which will pose a health risk to you and your family
  • A leak like this can cause property subsidence without warning, costing thousands
  • Massive bills for repairs to water damage to floors and walls

ADI Leak Detection can offer you a comprehensive range of leak detection and repair solutions to meet any need you might have. We provide advice, based on our leak management experience, which can help you prevent any further damage being caused by your water leak. We also only employ only the most highly trained engineers who are also covered by comprehensive insurance for all the work they do.

To trace the source of any leak we deploy 4 different types of non-destructive leak detection equipment on your property, non-destructive meaning that we don’t need to dig or drill holes in the hope of finding the leak – we detect exactly where it is. This in turn means that you won’t have to face expensive property repair bills, incurred by more traditional leak detection techniques.

Thermal Imaging

Our thermal imaging cameras can scan behind walls and under floorboards for heat differences, in the form of hot and cold spots, which indicate the presence of a leak. This means we can work with precision when it comes to finding your leak.Water Leak Detection County Durham

Acoustic Detection

Our acoustic leak detection equipment is capable of detecting the noise of leaks that are buried under up to 9-feet of earth, and they’re also accurate to with 2-inches of the leak source.

Tracer Gas

For those really difficult leaks we can use a special mixture of inert gas which then leaks out through holes and cracks to be detected by the gas sniffers, taking all the guesswork out of finding tiny leaks.

Leak Correlation

These leak detection sensors work to find multiple leaks in a single pipe and are especially useful over areas of over half a kilometre in distance; this means we can detect leaks in airports, on farms or even in very large commercial units.

Our primary focus at ADI is providing our customers with the best possible service and the best possible value – you’ll save money by hiring ADI Leak Detection.

Here are some of our customer testimonials:

Miss Bick – NW6, Kilburn, North West London

Job Number: 906278

“Very helpful, punctual, friendly - Jedi skills outstanding!

Mr Wyles – Harpenden, Hertfordshire

Leak Detection Job Number – 906226

I Needed to detect a water leak and have it repaired. Vincent was engaging and professional and used thermal imaging to quickly locate the problem. He exposed the problem in a screeded floor + effectively fixed the problem. He Checked and drained the heating system in the house, used hydrogen to verify that there were no further leaks. He left the house in the same condition he found it. A through and complete job.

Mrs Thacker – Ickenham, Middlesex

Job Number: 906313

Very helpful & professional and advised us every step of the way”

Now you are aware of the potential problems that your water leak can cause, how our services help you and have seen what others have sad about us why not give us a cal on 0800 731 3843

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